API Summit

Development Category

Open to development projects completed between 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023 and must be over 50% let to qualify from Sub-Saharan Africa and excluding South Africa can be entered into the competition for any relevant award.

All entries under this category will be judged on:

  • ESG metrics and green building credentials
  • Aesthetics/architectural design appeal: Technical and architectural quality
  • Originality of the concept & Innovation
  • Sensitivity to the local community and integration into the environment
  • Mixed-use projects submitted for this award must be:
    • live-work-play / multipurpose space/s integrating two or more types of land uses.
    • provides significant revenue-producing uses (such as retail/entertainment, office, residential, hotel, and/or civic/cultural / recreation).
    • walkable community with uninterrupted pedestrian connections.
    • sustainable / integration, density, and compatibility of land use.
    • access to transport and other amenities

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