The API agenda is curated with careful consideration, after a process of research, discussion and the expertise of our team, sponsors and partners. Following from the theme of Developing Africa’s New Reality, each presentation and discussion aims to speak to this goal by providing a diverse number of topics which allow for deep, nuanced conversation from our high quality speakers. Our team comprises of property professionals with their finger on the pulse of the continent’s developments and an understanding of how best to package these ideas to serve our delegates, partners and sponsors. Our agenda is based on relevant, topical issues facing the region, and we bring together the best voices possible on each subject.

Agenda Snapshot


As part of the programme we extend a platform for existing or potential developments looking for partners to invest, operate, develop or undertake a joint venture. The format will be a ‘elevator pitch’ style where those selected have three minutes and two slides to ‘present their project’.  We will be circulating details to all attendees of the projects which take part, so that interested parties are able to connect with presenters for further information.  The projects will also be posted on our website which is a new feature for our Summit & Expo area.


The API Summit & Expo 2017 will introduce two focused sub-conferences to this years’ agenda. These subject focused conferences are driven by our overall theme and derive from the need to unpack specific topics into more detailed-orientated focused sessions.


Urban Development & Master Plan Cities In Africa


Developing Africa’s New Reality would not be possible without taking into consideration the planning, infrastructure and urban development requirements needed in order for African cities to thrive and grow. The FUTURE CITIES AFRICA sub-conference will take an in depth look into how African Cities can better open its doors to world and create more economically dense and inclusive urban areas.




The African retail sector has received a lot of attention and investment over the last 10 years, however, there has been a shift in the understanding of what local consumers need and what African retailers can afford. This shift has resulted in developers, investors, retailers, industry experts and financiers ultimately changing their perspective and reinventing their retail strategies to match this new reality. The RETAIL INNOVATION SUMMIT will focus on the move towards innovative and realigned retail business and development models, new supply chain efficiencies as well as the evolution of African consumer product and experience preferences.