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The API Summit in conjunction with Bayfield Training UK is proud to present delegates with a bespoke Executive Training course!


Gain a comprehensive overview of the Financial Modelling of Real Estate Assets.


Learn how to build financial models for commercial property investments in Excel. Our module is the only course that teaches you how to build from first principles and understand what makes modelling property assets different to other kinds of assets Create robust rent functions and fully flexible scenarios, instantly improving your competitive edge in the real estate market.


The Executive Training course will be held on the 15-16th August at the Davinci Hotel, Sandton Johannesburg.



Real Estate Developer (Financial Modelling in Excel) 


(Essential+ Level)


This course will benefit Real Estate Professionals looking to develop their financial modelling skills in Property development. This course will teach you how to build a discounted cash flow, analyse

returns and understand the components of development models. As well as this it will teach you to

build a detailed property development project cash flow, add financing and perform risk analysis on commercial development projects.


On this course, you will…


  • Learn how to calculate land and profit residuals
  • Learn how to structure a full development cash flow, including phased sales, S-curve and straight line cost functions
  • Learn how to find maximum bidding prices for site development and building refurbishments
  • Understanding development financing considerations and learn how to optimise financing
  • Analyse financial and project completion risks
  • Employ best practice and find solutions to common modelling problems


Who will benefit from this course?


  • Developers
  • Real Estate professionals at any level with exposure to real estate financial models on frequent basis
  • Fund managers
  • Lenders



Course Outline

  • Gross versus Net Yields, calculating Net Development Value (NDV)
  • Profit residual, with and without financing
  • Site residual, how to calculate profit without knowing your costs.
  • Introducing financing to site residual calculations
  • Purchase price and acquisition costs
  • Phased Sales, marketing and disposal costs
  • Modelling construction costs using straight line basis, fixed costs, variable costs, incidental costs and construction fee
  • Professional fees
  • Income and expenditure project functions
  • Logic functions, logic tables and array formulae
  • Multiple IRRs, competing projects, scoping and linear programming, maximisin performance
  • Return metrics: Equity profit ratio (EPR), Costs paid out of proceeds (POP), Profit on cost ratio (PCR)
  • Alternative site calculation, Net present value (NPV),
  • Modelling construction costs using S-curve, variable costs, incidental costs and constructio fees
  • Switching between scenarios
  • Introduction to Development financing, Pari Passu versus Equity First Financing
  • Debt scheduling: brought forward and carried forward method
  • Consideration of the impact of development finance interest, fees and covenants









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